Aoede is a Discord music bot that directly streams from Spotify to Discord. The only interface is Spotify itself.

Aoede is a self-hosted music bot for Discord that connects to your Spotify Premium account. If it sees you in a voice channel, Aoede will automatically enable Spotify Connect for itself and appear in your casting menu. If you start casting to Aoede, it'll connect to your voice channel and play the casted audio.

I started Aoede as a learning exercise for Rust since it's relatively small in scope (it ended up being ~600 lines of code). I've come to appreciate many of Rust's features that contribute to making it most-loved language for the last 5 years in a row; like the borrow checker and a first-class dependency manager.


Aoede received a warm reception on /r/Discord_Bots. I've fixed a few bugs (most due to my intermediate-level knowledge of Rust) and it's been working great.

I really enjoyed learning Rust and hope to use it in future projects.

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