Muse is a self-hosted music bot for Discord. It can connect to voice channels and play audio from most YouTube videos. In the words of the README:

Muse is a highly-opinionated midwestern self-hosted Discord music bot that doesn't suck. It's made for small to medium-sized Discord servers/guilds (think about a group the size of you, your friends, and your friend's friends).

Other self-hosted music bots exist; but they were either too complex, over-engineered, or were missing Spotify support (and none were midwestern). Muse was built to fill the gap between extremely basic bots and bots made for much larger Discord servers.

Muse was also my first exposure to inversion of control (IoC) using InversifyJS.


Muse supports all the expected commands like play, skip, seek, queue, etc. It can also auto-translate Spotify artists / albums / playlists / songs to equivalent tracks from YouTube:

There's a few easter eggs:


Muse has been in use for the last few months and it's been working great. We've discovered a few minor bugs, but all were easily fixed. The highly-modular architecture also makes it easy to add new functionality in the future if necessary.


it works.
- nickw
this is the way comrade
- The_Administrator
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